Wendy Handy

Wendy Handy

Your Body Knows Best!

Don't Ignore Symptoms

Are you a "Type A" entrepreneur and just keep plowing through your days?  Or maybe you feel like I did, and are embarrassed or even ashamed because you feel like you are doing "'all the things" to stay healthy and "how can this happen to me" It could be affecting your health...and not in a good way and could escalate and land you a diagnosis!    I was that person (still am but working on it) and I ignored the signs and symptoms of my failing health.  It landed me in and out the hospital, cost my countless days of work - if you know you know - and the chance to run the Boston Marathon that I trained so hard to qualify for!   I don't want that for you and if you learn to listen to the subtle and not so subtle sometimes queues, it doesn't have to be!   Let me help!  

Symptoms are common - they are NOT normal.   Sometimes your well intentioned family and friends or even your doctor will tell you they are normal, nothing to worry about, but YOU know YOU better than anyone else!  

When you feel things aren't right

Listen to the queues
They aren't normal
Call your health practitioner...Pick me!😉

You are not stuck with your diagnosis - your body has the innate ability to heal itself when you treat it right. My protocol includes: DRESS For Health Success®  Diet- Rest - Exercise - Stress Management - Supplements!  

If you're anything like I was, I thought I was doing all the things right for staying healthy.   And even after recent labs, there were gaps.   It's so important to test don't guess!  You might be surprised at what you find.   And it could save you from the symptoms and your Metabolic Chaos® getting out of control.  

If you are curious or experiencing symptoms, click the red button to schedule a free consultation.  

Stay happy, stay healthy!


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