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Ready, set GLOW – 6 Skincare Tips to give you a youthful glow

Who doesn't want that youthful glow back to your skin?

Why do so many people, both men and women seek to get that youthful glow back to their skin!   For some, it's cosmetic - looking younger.   And for others, it's the look of health.  Since skin is our bodies largest organ, and one we can actually see, it makes sense that if your skin is healthy, you are probably in pretty good health.   

I put together 6 skincare tips that will help get that youthful glow back, without having to completely change your lifestyle or spend a ton of money!  

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There are a lot of ways to improve your skins radiance both through diet and lifestyle changes, and also skin care tips tricks, and products. And there are many  reasons why you might not have the glow you once had as a child - most of which can be changed.

First off,  genetics plays a role along with hormones- and that's  for both men and women, as well as any medications a person takes and the environment and lifestyle they live.

I’ve put together 6 of the top tips that anyone can do and what I consider to have the biggest impact without having to completely change your life!  So.... Here we go….

1. Proper cleansing - including exfoliating.

A good “clean” cleanser - free of parabens, sulfates and other chemicals, will remove your makeup, dirt from the day, sunscreen and excess oil. At night when you’re removing your makeup and dirt from the day, to get a cleaner cleanse, consider using a sonic device like a Foreo mini  (I'll leave a link in the resources) - to get deep down into your pores and get rid of dead surface skin so that your skin is ready to absorb the wonderful skincare products you put on it. Be sure to wash both morning and at night before bed and after exercising and sweating. Use warm water rather than hot which can strip the skin and leave it feeling dry and tight, or  cold water which doesn’t allow your pores to open up. Then pat your skin dry rather than rubbing! Be kind to your skin :).

2. Moisturize and protect with sunscreen.

Once again use a good “clean” moisturizer.   They add water to your skin or attract moisture to your skin. It’s best to use your moisturizer immediately after cleansing and after any serums if you’re using them, to trap that moisture into your skin. One of my favorites is our Age IQ day cream. It doesn't contain any of the nasties, parabens, chemicals or sulfates, it's free from GMO’s and is vegan and gluten free PLUS, it has a plant based retinol suitable for daytime and is very lightweight. After you moisturizer, apply your sunscreen before applying your makeup. This is a crucial step in protecting your skin from the sun’s harmful rays and environmental stressors. It's often skipped because people think because "it’s winter"  or they are not outside much it’s not necessary. Harmful rays can still get through even if it’s cloudy and of course the blue light from all our devices is always a factor. DON’T SKIP THIS STEP! Try Age IQ Invisibloc that protects against the sun’s UVA/UVB/HEV rays and protects against digital blue light from smartphones, computers and TV’s  without any chemicals and also doubles as a fabulous makeup primer. Again I’ll drop a link in the resources.

3. Hydration and limiting alcohol 

WHAT....limit alcohol???   I know this is a tough one. I talk about hydration all the time because it is so very important to our overall health and that includes the skin. Getting enough hydration on the inside feeds the skin and the opposite is true. Not enough water, or too much alcohol will dry out the skin leaving it parched and dull looking. Definitely not the glow we’re looking for right?  As a general rule, you should consume 1/2 your body weight in oz. Per day and more if you live in a hot climate or exercise where you sweat a lot. Drinking enough water helps skin function and give it an even tone, and in contrast,  alcohol can trigger redness, skin infection and give you an overall dull look.

4. Healthy eating.

Just like water, what we put in our mouths shows up in our skin. Hmmmm... Well not exactly, but shows if we are eating well or eating crappy. You could have a fabulous skincare regime, but if you’re not feeding your body with water and good food, it won’t be as effective as it can be. Fruits and vegetables are crucial along with whole grains, lean proteins and healthy fats like olive oil avocado and nuts!

Avoid those foods high in sugar, salt and saturated fats.

There are some foods that contain nutrients that are important for skin health:

Vitamin A - helps grow and maintain healthy skin cells and may protect your skin against skin cancer. Foods with vitamin A - sweet potato, spinach, carrots and cantaloupe.

Vitamin B2 - helps maintain collagen levels - crucial for the look of fullness- foods with vitamin B2 - mushrooms, almonds dairy and beef liver....um...YUCK!

Vitamin C - this is an antioxidant that helps form a skin barrier and helps maintain and produce collagen,  as well as protects against sun damage. Foods with Vitamin C - citrus fruits, bell peppers kiwi, broccoli strawberries.

5. Sleep, sleep sleep and reduce your stress.

This is one that is again not only good for your overall health but also for your skins health. When we sleep and more importantly get quality sleep, like enough REM and deep sleep, our bodies go into repair mode! That includes your skin. Yup, it's repairing while you sleep.   Think about a time when you were either highly stressed or just not getting enough sleep night after night, I bet your skin was dull. Pay attention to that and see for yourself. Ideally adults should aim for 7-9 hours per night. Everyone is different but 7 is the minimum and 9 is about max.

Stress reduction is so key to your overall health and skin health. Things like yoga, breathing and overall mindfulness can help you manage stress. Winding down properly before going to sleep will also help reduce stress and get a good nights sleep. Be sure to find time to do those activities you personally enjoy and find stress-relieving. Personally,  I like to read and it sure relaxes me...most of the time I  fall asleep!   

6. Exercise.

Research has shown that regular exercise may improve age-related skin deterioration. And when you sweat, it not only cleans out your pores but it also helps detoxify your body overall. Physical activity is another one of those that is good for overall health Try to get 150 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise per week. That might include a brisk walk, yoga or pilates - which are also great for your mindset as well.

So are you.....

Ready, set..... to GLOW!!!!

So to recap.......

Cleanse and Exfoliate
Moisturize and use a GOOD Clean SPF
Sleep, hydrate, exercise and eat a healthy diet
Wendy Handy
Wendy Handy
Wendy Handy

Here are some RESOURCES for you!!

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