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Wendy Handy

How Meal Planning Keeps Me From Binge Eating

Do you think you’re too busy to make healthy eating choices or that your life is too chaotic to pack a lunch, cook dinner, or prepare healthy snacks? If you have a sedentary job that’s affecting your health and waistline, don’t throw in the towel! You don’t need extra time to be healthy and lose weight; you just need to use your time more wisely. Here’s how meal planning helped me get my eating habits on track for a healthier life.



Cook in Batches and Store in ContainersStart by dentifying your “slowest” day of the week. On that day, batch cook your meals for the week, then separate them into containers and store them in the freezer. This ensures you always have a healthy meal option ready, preventing you from reaching for unhealthy, processed foods.Drink UpWater, water, water! Aim for 1/2 your body weight in oz  of water a day, more if you’re working out or in extreme hot climates. In addition, staying hydrated keeps your body working smoothly and helps reduce cravings by flushing out harmful toxins.Add More ProteinAdding more protein to your daily diet can help you calm your hunger. You should aim for between 120 grams and 135 grams each day  While different dietary sources of protein have different amino acid compositions, many lean meats and dairy products contain all the ‘essential’ amino acids, while these are less abundant in a plant-based dietTry Apple Cider VinegarApple cider vinegar is a probiotic that can aid weight loss by helping you shed extra pounds and water weight while promoting a healthy lifestyle.Handle the CravingsCravings are both physiological and psychological, often arising when you try to stop binge eating. Here’s how to tame them:

* Eat Protein:   Have a high-protein snack like skinless chicken, turkey, fish, eggs, or low-fat cheese. Including more protein in your meals helps keep you fuller longer.
* Find a Distraction:   Many cravings are psychological, caused by boredom, anxiety, or other emotions. Engage in an activity to take your mind off them.

* Pamper Yourself:   Treat yourself. Feeling better about your body and health leads to better choices regarding what you eat.

* Brush Your Teeth:   Brushing and flossing can help mitigate your cravings.

* Refine Your Palate:   Add more nuts, , fruits, vegetables
to your diet and snacks. These lower-calorie options will fill you up.


Planning your meals and knowing how to handle cravings are proactive steps to a healthier lifestyle. Meal planning prevents last-minute fast food grabs and gives you a holistic view of your diet. Managing cravings keeps you on track with your bigger plan!

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