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Wendy Handy

Elevate your Morning Coffee Game: A Wellness Journey with Wendy ☕️

Caffeine or no Caffeine?   

Coffee Cup - Wendy Handy

This week is dedicated to all the coffee enthusiasts out there – it's time to dive into the morning coffee game and boost your wellness journey. So, grab your favorite mug, and let's embark on this caffeinated adventure together!

1.  Cortisol and Coffee Connection:

Ever experienced that cortisol wake-up nudge? Cortisol, the stress maestro, is naturally high in the morning. But here's the twist – if you jump straight into your coffee, the caffeine vibes might not hit right. Timing is key! Wait at least 20 minutes, or for an optimal experience, 45 minutes to an hour. Your buzz will thank you.

2.  Caffeine and Blood Pressure:
Let's spill the beans on blood pressure. Cortisol and caffeine play a role, so if you're part of the high blood pressure club, consider delaying your coffee kick to avoid a morning pressure spike. Alternatively, try a mushroom coffee with only 20% caffeine. Wendy's favorite? Everyday Dose...Mmmmmm good! 😋

3.  Hydrate First:
Winter's here, and coffee can be a hydration villain. Combat the dry air with a pre-brew water gulp. Your body will love you for it!

4.  Boost with Electrolytes:
Elevate your hydration game with electrolytes! Wendy's go-to? LMNT – no sugar, just the secret sauce for winter refreshment. Beat the dry air blues!

5.  Brighten Your Smile:
Before that first sip, dazzle your teeth. Brushing before coffee keeps those pearly whites stain-free. Your dentist will give you a high-five for this one!

6.  Coffee on an Empty Stomach:
Now, the burning question – can you go coffee-first, no breakfast? Dr. Scott says yes! Especially for intermittent fasting champs. But, if your stomach isn't a coffee fan, take it slow. Reflux or heartburn in the squad? Watch out – coffee on an empty stomach might stir the pot. Dial back if it's a constant challenge.

Morning Ritual Recap:

Morning coffee can be a health kick, but not the absolute first thing. Hydrate, brush, then brew for all the perks with none of the pitfalls. Sip wisely, friends! ☕️


And remember, if you have health challenges, or just don't feel as well as you used to, reach out and let's hop on a FREE discovery call, to see if we should investigate further! 🕵🏻‍♀️ Start your Monday off right, and here's to many more caffeinated mornings! ☀️

Stay happy, stay healthy,

Wendy! 💖

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