Wendy Handy

Wendy Handy

8 Toxic Ingredients Lurking in your Skincare – the Skincare Industry Doesn’t Want you to Know!

Ever wonder what's lingering in your skincare and makeup?  If you've ever looked you might not like what you see. But a lot of people don't realize how harmful these ingredients are because the skincare industry doesn't want you to!!   

Listen below to learn more about 8 of the most common toxic ingredients.   And be sure to click the big red button below the video to grab your free Sexy Slim Down Clean and Healthy Plan - that contains 11 Fat Burning food!!   

So, it's not just in your skincare and makeup that are help making people sick- but it's also what you ingest.  The foods we eat are so very important also.  More on that in a subsequent post.      

Here are the 8 most common ingredients:


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